Types of Chicken Feeders

Published: 23rd June 2010
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In raising chickens, feeders are one of the essential things that you need to consider. Feeds for your chicken are placed on a chicken feeder. In some cases, raisers that are using chicken runs do not need feeders because the chicken inside the chicken run find their own food.

It is very important that you are aware of the uses of the different types of feeders. Feeders are made from plastic or metals. They come with different sizes depending on the type of feeder that you want. The most common chicken feeders that are available are chick feeders, treadle feeders, plastic poultry feeders, grit hoppers, troughs and homemade feeders.

Chick feeders are made exclusively for chicks until they are six weeks old. It can accommodate up to ten chicks per feeder. This is designed for feeds that are like sand. It can prevent spillage of feeds. They are usually made of plastic.

Troughs are feeders that are made of galvanized metal. Troughs are available in different sizes depending on the quantity of chickens that you have. Its design is just like chick feeders. The only difference is it has wide openings and it is made of metal.

Treadle feeders are made of metal. These feeders are made for fully grown chickens. When the chicken goes to the treadle, it will open and feeds will come out. When the bird leaves the treadle, it closes automatically.

Plastic feeders are the most common feeders that are used in farms. They are made of plastic and it can be hanged anywhere. It has a cone shape. The feeds are place on top of the cone then it fills up the tray that is under the cone.

Grit hoppers are also a type of feeder that is made of metal. Like troughs, this feeder closes automatically when the chicken leaves. It has a sloping lid that opens like a door. This type of feeder can help you prevent pest that eats the feeds inside the feeder.

Homemade feeders are one of the best feeders that you can have. You can make your own feeder depending on your style.

Feeders are one way of saving money and raising healthy chickens.

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