To Men Who Want To Convince Their Wife To Loose Weight -- But Can't Get Started

Published: 27th August 2010
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For many men the subject of their wife's weight is something that they think about every day but are too afraid to discuss with their spouse. Telling your wife it's time to lose weight could be grounds for divorce if precautions are not taken to lessen the blow of the comment. But really when you think about it, is it that big of a deal to ask your wife to lose some weight? You love your spouse and you want her to be as fit and healthy and happy as possible; the big question is how do you get your wife to lose weight without being hurtful and belittling?

The first thing you want to consider when telling your wife it's time to lose some weight is the timing of bringing up the subject. You'll want to pick a time that is relaxed and when you are both unoccupied. Certainly do not pick a time when you are both eating or when she is wearing an outfit that she is already insecure about.

Make sure that when you bring up the subject of weight loss with your wife you approach it from the standpoint of health even if your end goal is to have your wife looking as good as possible you want to let her know that you're concerned about her health and that you want her to be as healthy as possible, looking good is just an added bonus. Make sure she knows that you love her no matter how big she is or what her size is but you want her to be as healthy and happy as possible.

Before you bring the subject up with her think about what you may be doing to contribute to her weight problems. Are you the one that is buying steaks at the grocery store? Do you suggest that you go out to eat often as a recreational activity? Are you in good shape? If you are out of shape and want your wife to lose some weight being a hypocrite is not the best way to go about this. Even if you feel you are in better shape than your wife it may be the best thing are you to start working out more and start your own diet a few weeks or months before you bring up your wife's weight loss with her. Too many men want their wives to lose weight but don't consider the fact that they are out of shape them selves.

It's important that you bring this up with your wife has a plan and something that you can both do together. Offer to start doing romantic walks in the evening or running together in the mornings. If you haven't joined a gym maybe you can ask for what she thinks about joining a gym together and starting to work out together at the gym. Bring it up once and then don't continue to harp on it, if you keep telling your wife that she needs to lose weight she will actually start to resent you and possibly gain weight because she is encouraged to be eating behind your back.

When your wife does start to make progress in weight loss make sure you let her know what a great job she is doing and how good she is looking. Reward her with something nice like jewelry. Sure she is going to get new clothes as for weight loss continues to make sure that she gets other nice incentives outside of the new outfits. If she needs to buy a new pair of pants you are weight loss offered to take her out to buy some matching shoes to go with the pants.

Focus on the weight she has already lost not the weight she has yet to lose nothing is more discouraging than hearing somebody say "hey you've lost 10 pounds only 50 more to go!" Tell her she looks great in every day she seems to be looking better and better!

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