How To Treat and Prevent Chicken Allergies

Published: 23rd June 2010
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Allergies to meat such as chicken meat are very common nowadays. There are so many people suffering from allergies coming from chicken meat. Chicken allergy is the adverse reaction of the body's immune system to chickens. The common symptoms of chicken allergy are ear infection, frequent colds or vomiting after eating.

There are so many treatments against chicken allergy. According to research, allowing our body to heat up is one way of removing the allergies. The sweat will remove the allergies from our skin. Allergies are not curable. They can be prevented and treated but they cannot be cured. The best prevention for chicken allergy is not to eat any food with chicken meat.

Here are some treatments that can help you when you have chicken allergy.

First, wait it out. If you have a mild allergy, you can just wait until it is gone. Drink a lot of water and rest. Keep your body warm because sweat can really help remove your allergies.

Second, intake a lot of vitamin C when you accidentally eat chicken. It is proven that high amount of vitamin C can help remove the allergies in your skin. It is advisable to take 2000mg of vitamin C to lessen the symptoms of allergy.

Third, consult your doctor. It is best if you consult your doctor immediately once you have an allergy attack. The doctor can give you some advice and medication that can help you when you have an allergy attack. If the allergy is severe the doctor may give you allergy shots to remove the allergies in your body.

Aside from these treatments, you will also need some tips on how to prevent accidental ingestion of chicken products.

Before you buy products in the market, be sure to look at the ingredients. You have to make sure that there are no chicken products added in the food that you will buy. Any kind of chicken product can trigger your allergy. When you are going to eat in a restaurant, inform the waiter about your allergy. They must be aware of your allergy so they will not serve food that has chicken products.

Prevention is still the best medication for chicken allergies.

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